Gervais Guitars
Lutherie Gervais was born in 2013 after three years of scholarship that the young luthier Emile Gervais completed successfully. Winner of an Award of Excellence at the end of his studies at Bruand school, he can be proud of having accomplished his academic course with energy and particular interest in guitar making. His style was quickly established and intentions to practice the guitar building is placed more forward in his life. He can thank the exceptional contribution of Mario Beauregard, renowned luthier, who taught him during his last year. It has enabled him to excel and move forward very quickly. Despite some differences in ideology with respect to the guitar manufactures, Emile was able to draw the best tips and techniques. After the end of his program, the workshop located in the suburbs of Montreal took shape.

Emile Gervais -and therefore Lutherie Gervais- made his first appearance at the Healdsburg guitar show in Santa Rosa, California as a craftsman luthier in the summer of 2013, shortly after his scholarship with already a new guitar. After a great forum and filled notebook, it was back to work. A new model appeared : Orchestral Model (OM) was born in the fall of 2013. Shortly after, the orders were adding up in his agenda. The first order for a Triple O (OOO) guitar sat the table and refined the unique style of guitars offered by Lutherie Gervais. Black neck and dark, pointed head, bold bindings, white and black purfling's are well matched with  the veneer rosette. It recognizes the contribution of Beauregard-style guitars while capturing the authenticity of the design of Gervais guitars.

2014 was the year for two new models. The Small Jumbo (SJ) and the Tenor Ukulele. The Small Jumbo quickly became a form sought out by  clients. Exhibiting at the guitar convention of the American Guild of Lutherie, this well balanced, rounded shaped guitar caught the eye of another renowned luthier, Jeffrey Yong. After numerous theoretical exchanges, some adjustments materialized and brought manufacturing Gervais guitars to another level.

Research and development never stops. That is why in 2015, only Orchestral models will emerge from the young luthier's workshop. The big change of Gervais guitars is the end of polyurethane finish and the unique use of shellac. Minor changes appeared in the shaping of his bracing. Lutherie Gervais is also prized for its repair and adjustments occupying much of his time.

The trade show planning is important and that is why in 2016, Lutherie Gervais will present two new and unique guitars, designed only for the Tradeshow located in Santa Barbara, California,
 Santa Barbara Acoustic Instruments Celebration
The trip doesn't stop here. Leaving Californica to go staight to Berlin in Germany to attend the
 The Holy Grail. A very prestigious even.

2017 is a big year for showcase. A lot of events are taking place everywhere around the world. Lutherie Gervais is not able to attend all of them, but a good number of it.
Starts up in March with the Salon de la Belle Guitare which is held in France near Paris.
The Ontario Guitar Show is soon after presenting vintage guitars and musician gears. A great place for music and instrument lovers.
The Guild of American Lutherie (GAL) is back this year. As usual, it will be a great happening. This convention runs from 1975 !
A short break of showcase in Summer but no break inside the workshop. Fall will be the occasion to go back on the European ground. First up, Toulouse in France will hold the Salon de la Lutherie. The weekend after will be produce the Acoustic Guitar Meeting in Cremone, Italia.
Back from the other continent, another guitar will be produce specially for the honors Woodstock Invitational Luthiers Showcase